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Partner School Feedback

"DanceChance provides an incredible opportunity for gifted students to have world-class ballet instruction that most would not otherwise have. Additionally, DanceChance provides an opportunity to educate all of our third grade students about ballet."Dr. Abby Adams, Principal at Spiritridge Elementary

"DanceChance has provided an exciting and enriching experience for our students over the last two years. It has broadened their horizons and taught them the value of hard work and perseverance."—Ed Jefferson, Principal at Northgate Elementary

"The children who have been selected to participate in DanceChance develop poise, confidence, and determination." Tracy Maury, Principal at Phantom Lake Elementary

"Our students, in general, have limited exposure to cultural events and the arts. The DanceChance tryout experience has changed students' (especially boys) misconceptions that ballet is for girls and heightened student interest in this art form. As a result of their participation in this program, our students who were selected to participate in the past have developed more self-confidence which serves them well at school and in life."Angela Dunavant, Principal at Ardmore Elementary

"By allowing our students this unique opportunity, our kids will not only develop comprehensive dance skills, but will also learn confidence, develop self-esteem and learn discipline. These are skills that will be essential for them to continue on the road to success."Jeannie Anderson, Wrap Around Services Coordinator at Lake Hills Elementary

"DanceChance broadens a child's vision of their own possibilities. It interests them in other forms of art. DanceChance often helps develop patience and concentration. Students come back from PNB enthusiastic about dance and feeling good about themselves."Kimberly Kinzer, Principal at Daniel Bagley Elementary

"DanceChance provides an opportunity for our students with natural physical attributes required for ballet to attend an excellent program that is built into their school day. In past years, almost all of the students chosen to participate in DanceChance had never taken a dance class, and probably would never have discovered that they had this talent. A number of our students have stayed with the program for years and flourished. Even for those students who do not continue in the program, they benefit by learning self-discipline, and developing physical strength and coordination. In addition, the experience opens up a whole new world in the arts to them."Christine Morningstar, Principal at Graham Hill Elementary

"It is my belief DanceChance enhanced her gifts even more by allowing her to blossom and explore the power of the arts."Teacher, Hawthorne Elementary

"I know that this is has made a life long impact on Meaghan. It has given her a place to shine!"Teacher, Ardmore Elementary

DanceChance Parent Feedback

"Amy's being part of PNB has been a great experience for her. It has given her discipline, self-esteem and motivation."Parent, Phantom Lake Elementary

"Participating in DanceChance and having the opportunity to study classical ballet has been a truly rewarding and life-changing experience for Olivia. She is excited and motivated and has gained a wonderful sense of pride and confidence in her abilities and feels as though she is truly unique and special, which is so important to each and every child. This opportunity would never have been possible without the kindness and generosity of others who care about making a difference in the lives of children in our community."Parent, Sanislo Elementary

"Rose has learned so much in the last two years participating in DanceChance: hard work, discipline, team work, an appreciation for the performing arts."Parent, Sherwood Forest Elementary

"Being involved in DanceChance has really made her feel special, and I see that reflected in most of the other things she does. Being involved in ballet and attending the performances has given her a real love of ballet that I think will always stay with her."Parent, Sanislo Elementary

"It has given Meaghan self confidence, the opportunity to discover, respect, and love Ballet and Modern Dance."Parent, Ardmore Elementary

Student Feedback

"After I went to DanceChance, I became more confident. Now, I am not afraid to try new things... I've learned that it's okay to have mistakes and that you and the other kids learning with you can also learn from your mistakes. Ballet has made my life much brighter and happier and there is some 'spark' that makes me want to keep going. I think PNB is a wonderful place. I love learning ballet there. I'm very glad and thankful that PNB and their donors funded the DanceChance program. It give people the opportunity to see if they like dancing and find out their special talents."Stephanie Zhang, Level II Bellevue DanceChance student

"To be honest, I never really considered dancing, until DanceChance came to my school. I love DanceChance and it has made me a lot stronger."Taiga Hinckley, Level III DanceChance graduate

"The thing about DanceChance is that it's really hard and at the same time really fun. New friends, cool teachers, fun events and other things that are even more fun. So thank-you very much!"Kyrlia Young, Level II Seattle DanceChance student

"I like to come to DanceChance because it helps me with football."Asante Seraile, 3rd grader at Leschi Elementary

"I like to come to DanceChance because I can stretch my abilities to 100%. DanceChance is also fun. I love DanceChance!"Jasmine Walters, 3rd grader at The New School

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