DanceChance Facts, 2013

  • Francia Russell began DanceChance in 1994 with four partner schools in Seattle.
  • Currently, DanceChance has 22 partner schools (19 in the Seattle Public Schools and 3 in the Bellevue School District).
  • DanceChance screened 1500 third grade students this year.
  • 84 third and fourth grade students enrolled in DanceChance this past fall.
  • In 2012-2013 37% of students speak a language other than English at home, with 11 languages represented.
  • In 2011-2012  81% of students enrolled are from minority backgrounds.
  • 39 DanceChance students are enrolled in Levels 3–Professional Division  of the School.
  • Scholarships for DanceChance I and II students cost a total of $100,000 for the year.
  • Transportation costs for the year will total $40,000.
  • Four DanceChance graduates have gone on to professional careers in dance. Eric Hipolito (Pacific Northwest Ballet), Quinn Wharton (San Francisco Ballet), Carlos Cruz (Oregon Ballet Theater) and Alice Cao (American Repertory Theatre).
  • Classroom teachers at the partner schools reported 51% improved in their self-esteem while participating in DanceChance.  Teachers also reported that 22% of students improved their grades and 72% maintained their grades while participating.  Lastly, teachers said 33% of students improved in their attitude towards school.
  •  Parents of DanceChance students reported that 85% of students improved in their interest in the arts  and 78% of students improved in their positive body-image
  • 100% of parents reported that their students had a positive experience in DanceChance.

Enrollment numbers of DanceChance students, 2013–2014

Seattle DanceChance I 54
Seattle DanceChance II 18
Level III 18
Intermediate Boys 5
Level V 2
Level VI 3
Level VII 3
Level VIII 5
Professional Division 2
TOTAL 116 students

Seattle Partner Schools

Arbor Heights
Bailey Gatzert
Beacon Hill International
Broadview-Thomson K-8
Dearborn Park
Graham Hill
John Muir
Martin Luther King
South Shore K-8
Van Asselt 
Wing Luke 

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