DanceChance students before class.
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Benefits of DanceChance

Educational Role

DanceChance is an integral part of a child's educational experience. It aims to enhance the children's self-discipline, self-confidence and sense of achievement through the structure and demands of ballet training. DanceChance expects children to do well in their schoolwork in order to stay in the program. Each participating school coordinates a way for each child to make up missed schoolwork. Most children progress academically while in DanceChance and many schools and parents have attributed this success to the program.


The children themselves, with help and advice from family and teachers, are to a large extent in control of how much of their dance potential is reached. The decisions they make about their own behavior, attendance, and school work play a role in the children's continuation in DanceChance.

"Whether or not the DanceChance students become professional dancers as adults is not a question that we should worry about. are providing an experience that will last a lifetime; you have given these children a vision of the broad scope of possibilities for them in the coming years, a vision that will take them soaring to the highest heights." (Larry Jacobs, former Principal, Orca at Columbia Elementary)

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