Suspension of Disbelief

Music: Mitchell Akiyama (2006)
Choreography: Victor Quijada
Costume Design: Mark Zappone
Lighting Design: Yan Lee Chan
Duration: 22 minutes
Premiere: November 2, 2006; Pacific Northwest Ballet

The 2006 world premiere of Victor Quijada's Suspension of Disbelief was generously underwritten in part by Pacific Northwest Ballet's New Works Initiative.

Jonathan Porretta in Suspension of Disbelief.
Photo © Angela Sterling

The remarkable path of Victor Quijada began early in the Hip Hop clubs of Los Angeles. His introduction to formal dance and theater at Los Angeles County High School for the Arts brought questions concerning the possibilities and potential of the Hip Hop culture and art forms. In 2002, after years of exploring dance and theater from diverse angles, he formed Rubberbandance Group. His work with RBDG examines humanity and human relationships through a unique fusion of these dance and theater styles.

Writing in 2006 about his style and the opportunity to work with Pacific Northwest Ballet, Quijada explained, "I work with a fusion of classical, contemporary, and urban dance experiences to explore human relations while searching to re-invent the way we experience live performance. I believe my work will gently push both the PNB dancers and public out of their habitual comfort zones. I am excited to introduce my vision to PNB and to its Seattle audience, who I think will find it refreshing and inspiring."

Suspension of Disbelief, set to a commissioned score by Mitchell Akiyama, was Victor Quijada's first work for Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Notes by Doug Fullington.

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